Simplifying Complexity:
We turn confusing medical records into successful case strategies.

You’re an attorney, not a medical professional. Neither are the judge or jurors who are hearing your case. Let our team of specially trained registered nurses simplify the complex medical information and jargon that forms the foundation of your cases. We interpret exactly how the medical facts affect your case strategy.

Here’s how Jolly Consulting prepares you to litigate your civil or criminal cases without surprise … and with success for your clients:

  • Objectively evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of the medical facts and how these facts play into your case strategy
  • Anticipates opposing counsel’s theories and builds medical fact evidence to counter these arguments
  • Identifies which medical records you need and manages these records for you
  • Educates you on the meaning and the value of medical facts, literature and expert opinions
  • Finds the best medical experts to review your case
  • Pinpoints breaches in standard of care
  • Helps you effectively communicate the effect of injuries on your client’s life
  • Identifies related damages including future damages

Litigate your case confidently and effectively.

Advising on civil and criminal, plaintiff and defense cases, Jolly Consulting equips you with the medical knowledge, relevant facts and expert testimony needed to build a solid case so you may effectively present your case in court. We remain one step ahead of your opposing counsel, anticipating their arguments and examining their expert witnesses’ opinions. Armed with this level of support, you are prepared for any twists and turns in your case and can represent your clients with confidence.

Jolly Consulting provides medicolegal consultation to law firms ranging from sole practitioners to law firms with hundreds of lawyers. We advocate for plaintiffs and defendants, consulting on civil and criminal cases.

Reasons You Need Us

You need a translator for medical information and jargon

You have neither the time nor the knowledge to go through medical records

You need a reliable medical expert to testify, or are preparing to depose one

Litigating a medical case can be a lot like putting a puzzle together. Because Dana Jolly believes that every patient and healthcare provider deserves the best possible representation, she founded Jolly Consulting in 2002 to help attorneys uncover the critical pieces of information that give jurors and judges the entire picture. Attorneys trust Jolly Consulting’s team of experienced RNs to use their clinical experience to effectively advocate for their clients.