We work with …

Jolly Consulting provides medicolegal consultation to law firms—ranging from sole practitioners to law firms with hundreds of lawyers. We advocate for plaintiffs and defendants, consulting on civil and criminal cases.

Reasons you need us

  • You feel like you need a translator for medical information and jargon.
  • You have neither the time nor the knowledge to go through medical records.
  • You need a reliable medical expert to testify, or are preparing to depose one.

Details about timing

  • Contact us before you file suit. Let Jolly Consulting advise you on the strengths and weaknesses of your case and help you make a more informed decision about whether to pursue it.
  • For most cases, we’ll need four to six weeks to do all the required research, find missing records, locate experts, or change strategies in response to new issues that surface. However, we may be able to shorten that timeframe for more urgent cases.
  • We try to find medical experts who are in close geographic proximity to your location; however, sometimes the most qualified experts need to travel. For that reason as well as scheduling considerations, we allow plenty of time to secure the best experts.

Details about materials & filing

  • As soon as you retain us to consult on your case, please send us digital copies of all relevant medical records, with sources labeled. Be sure to contact us prior to sending paper records.
  • We organize, bookmark, index and Bates number your paper or digital files.
  • We hyperlink critical documents to our reports, allowing you to quickly reference the source document(s).
  • To help simplify complex medical conditions or outline timelines, etc., we create trial exhibits to visually support your case.