Litigate your case confidently and effectively.

Advising on civil and criminal, plaintiff and defense cases, Jolly Consulting equips you with the medical knowledge, relevant facts and expert testimony needed to build a solid case so you may effectively present your case in court. We remain one step ahead of your opposing counsel, anticipating their arguments and examining their expert witnesses’ opinions. Armed with this level of support, you are prepared for any twists and turns in your case and can represent your clients with confidence.

We screen cases for strengths and weaknesses. By thoroughly evaluating the facts of your medical cases, Jolly Consulting helps you make more informed decisions about which cases to pursue and which ones to turn down.

We handle medical record management. We determine which medical records you need, request these records for you and handle the critical, yet time-consuming task of organizing them. We tab, Bates stamp the medical records and do this over and over as discovery progresses. Once critical documents are identified, we hyperlink those documents to the medical chronology.

We thoroughly examine the medical records. Our veteran RNs thoroughly review medical records for pivotal facts and the nuances that could make or break your case. Our team interprets this information for you, anticipating how opposing counsel may respond. We then help you decide how to use these facts in your case strategy.

We locate the most qualified experts. We find and engage the medical experts that are most effective for your case, including RN experts. Scrutinizing opposing experts’ opinions, credentials and past testimony, we locate rebuttal experts.

We ensure all related costs are accounted for. We analyze medical bills identifying related special damages. Our expert RNs have a proven track record estimating costs of future procedures.

We’re your eyes and ears at the medical exam. Our RNs accompany your client to the DME and report back to you with our informed observations.