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Long Term Care & Pressure Ulcers
This series of articles focuses on long term care (LTC) emphasizing pressure ulcers AKA decubitus ulcers and bed sores. Article titles with brief introductions are listed below. Join our mailing list to receive the entire series free of charge.

Specialty Documents in the LTC Record
Anyone that has taken a look at a long term care medical record immediately notices it is different than an acute care record. In this article, we offer some background and a brief overview of the specialty documents used to analyze long term care cases.

Pressure Wounds – Definition of Terms
Pressure ulcers are highly litigated in any healthcare setting. This article focuses on the definitions of two types of wounds caused by pressure: Deep Tissue Injury and Pressure Ulcer.

Pressure Ulcer Stages – Definitions of Terms
Healthcare providers classify pressure ulcers using a numeric system intended to standardize the description of these wounds. This article provides a review of each of the 4 stages of pressure ulcer emphasizing important differences between each stage. Pictures foster better understanding.

Problems with the Pressure Ulcer Staging System 
The staging system has been recently criticized by some wound care experts for being misleading. Learn the top three reasons why this numeric system may need overhaul.

Staging Pressure Ulcers is Key
Why is the stage of the pressure ulcer so important? What are common mistakes in the staging of these wounds?

Pressure Ulcer Documentation in the LTC Record
This piece will help you quickly find key documents specific to the long term care record regarding pressure ulcer risk, assessment, intervention, and response.

The Unavoidable Pressure Ulcer
Unavoidable pressure ulcers are a hot topic in litigation and in healthcare. What makes a pressure ulcer unavoidable? This article provides definitions and explanations to clarify this relatively new classification of pressure wounds.