Jolly Consulting nurses are available to accompany your client to 4:10 exams as objective observers. We are your “eyes and ears”. Afterward, we can provide a written or verbal report of our observations, and are available to provide the court with the facts during testimony.

Case Examples

1 - Working on a personal injury case resulting from a low speed motor vehicle collision with virtually no damage to the vehicle, we provided the client with a summary ofextensive medical research supporting the validity of the client’s symptoms. This was used to impeach the defense medical examiner’s opinions. We drafted a time line that demonstrated consistency in symptoms over years of treatment. The time line was provided in both electronic format (PowerPoint) and as a hard copy which were used during arbitration.  The result was a decision for policy limits.

2 - In another case, Jolly Consulting helped to successfully defend a personal injury claim against a transportation company in an interstate highway collision involving a non-citizen plaintiff. Jolly Consulting identified relevant medical records to request from the plaintiff’s native country, and then provided our client with a summary of critical facts related to the events of the collision, the plaintiff’s preexisting conditions and the post collision course. We also identified unrelated expenses which were being claimed as related damages.

3 - In a high-profile personal injury suit, we provided the legal team with a summary of pertinent medical research and a neuroradiologist expert to support evidence of a traumatic brain injury. This injury had not been claimed prior to Jolly Consulting’s involvement. A successful result brought a multi-million dollar settlement.